scar tissue

Wanted:Babysitter (1975) aka “Scar tissue)

directed by:Rene Clement

cast:Maria Schneider,Sydne Rome,Vic Morrow,Robert Vaughn

French-Italian-German co-production presented by Carlo Ponti’s Titanus. “Babysitter” is an unspectacular if well made downbeat and cynical crime thriller featuring a great cast.While it somehow delivers what it promises,it fails to have a long lasting impact to the viewer mostly due to its messy storyline.

Young actress Ann is having an affair with a wealthy food mogul, whom basically tells her to get lost, and in a fit of passion she runs out of the house and gets hit by a car,that car was transporting the young babysitter Michelle to an appointment. Fast-forward an uncounted number of months, and Ann is all better and has become a good friend and roommate with Michelle. She’s also become close with Henderson, the man who witnessed the accident, who also happens to be the accountant of the food baron she was withdrawing fluids from.Shortly after Michelle is forcefully kidnapped while babysitting the son of the aforementioned food mogul. Michelle and the boy are held hostage by an ex-stuntman and a vengeful movie star.

Needless to say that the not exactly labyrinthine but still way too confusing and implausible plot is not the strong part of this film.However the lush production values, the  strong performances by the cast and the overall gritty tone of the film definitely work in favour of this production.Direction by the veteran Rene Clement is nothing to write home about,still it is adequate.The film has a solid ending that gives an extra point or two to the overall score but other than that the  not so arresting  “Babysitter” is strictly addressed to fans of Seventies European Crime/thrillers.

We’ve seen better , but we’ve also seen way worse.


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