Too scared to scream


Too Scared to scream (1985)

Directed by:Tony LoBianco

Cast: Mike ConnorsAnne ArcherLeon Isaac Kennedy

The sole directorial effort by character actor Tony LoBianco is an entertaining affair despite some recognizable flaws.

Mike Conners plays Detective Dinardo, a New York detective investigating a series of ghastly murders of various residents in highrise apartment complex. With some suspicion pointing to the strange doorman, Dinardo recruits police rookie Kate as bait to lure the killer into the open.

Well you guessed right. Too scared to scream mostly plays like a very simple and linear detective mystery thriller, a very old school approach in film making and dare I say the tele-friendly visuals in this film do not exactly contribute to any sort of stylish approach , but oh well , despite feeling sort of dated ,too scared to scream is passable and a better affair than a lot of slasher turkeys out there.

Major pros: LoBianco does a serviceable job at depicting the murders in a relatively bloodless style ,there is a lot of nudity in the film and this feels a bit odd judging from the detective nature of the proceedings but Lo Bianco obviously wanted to add some sleaze boost to his film, don’t forget it was the slasher era. Additionally the film has a relaxed atmosphere and a nice flow. Lots of people bash the ending of this one , but in my opinion there is something irresistibly cheesy about that particular ending so thumbs up from me. The actors’ performances are decent . Last but not least the ever striking New York city visuals . I said it once and I’ll say it again. New York was a tough place to be in the Seventies and the Eighties . Fortunately it made a great location for Genre films and it sure as well got depicted in myriads of them…

Major cons: Very dated film score, oh my gosh the score is a tedious affair , just an orchestral exercise in boredom that lacks the needed accentuation so as to elevate the suspense element in this flick .A very distinct, to the point that it feels weird , red herring. Then,  Generic visuals ,I think I elaborated earlier regarding that particular element and finally the film has a very dated feel that will definitely not attract the gorehounds.

Verdict: I think “Too scared to scream” serves its purpose . This obscure little film got lost among the heaps of the Slasher films of the 80ies but it is not bad at all.



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