Cardiac Arrest


Cardia Arrest (1980)

directed by:Murray Mintz

cast:Garry Goodrow, Michael Paul Chan, Max Gail

Extremely dated and talky detective thriller coined slasher that will remedy your sleeping disorder.

The “Missing Heart Murders” are plaguing San Francisco – dead bodies that turn up with their hears surgically removed! So a weak-stomached homicide cop looks into the possibilities of a black market for human organs, while across town a man must make a difficult decision regarding his wife, who needs a transplant…

I had all the good will to defend this one against the regular bashing it seems to get but this film is a very wretched state of affairs.A characteristic example of a cinematic narrative that has gone obsolete,Cardiac arrest has no redeeming values on display.

The cinematography is nothing to write home about.Too much time and too much talking is getting wasted on painfully analysed police procedures and detective tactics.Too much banter,way too few thrills for the viewer who consequently has a VERY hard time while sitting through this turkey.

The climax is weak and the sigh of relief while viewing the end credits is the only thing that really makes sense regarding this movie.

Slasher and thriller fans stay away at all costs.


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