Shadowchaser(1992) aka “Project Shadowchaser”

directed by:John Eyres

cast:Martin KoveMeg FosterFrank Zagarino

Χωνευτήρι ιδεών παρμένων από πολύ μεγαλύτερα φιλμ,όπως τα “Πολύ σκληρός για να πεθάνει” και “Εξολοθρευτής” το παρόν είναι κλασική περίπτωση τίμιου action/sci-fi υποκατάστατου,με έναν παραδόξως αρκετά αποτελεσματικό Zagarino σε πρώτο ρόλο.

Ο Martin Kove(Karate kid) είναι γκροτέσκος στο ρόλο του καλού παιδιού και άξιου redneck παλικαριού,αλλά του το συγχωρούμε ενω τεχνικά η ταινία βρίσκεται πάνω από το μέσο όρο,κυρίως λόγο της κρυστάλλινης φωτογραφίας και των καλοστημένων-κλειστοφοβικών εσωτερικών πλάνων…

Ωραίο ως κλασικό 80ies Sci-Fi/action,αλλά δυστυχώς οχι πολλά παραπάνω,το “Project Shadowchaser” θα διασκεδάσει αποκλειστικά τους φανς του είδους.


An Effective mishmash of well-made formulas which results in a partially entertaining film.

Set in the future, a group of terrorists with an android leader called Romulus storm a hospital when the President’s daughter is inside, taking her hostage. To find a way of freeing her, the police decide to consult the architect who designed the building, but he’s currently in jail for some crime, and the punishment of the future is to be frozen solid for one’s sentence. The cops accidentally thaw out the wrong guy, a football player who decides to keep the mistake a secret and help the police in exchange for his freedom. Will he be able to defeat the terrorists and rescue the hostages, despite not knowing the first thing about architecture?

Partly “Die-Hard”-Martin Kove’s character Desilva could be a suitable substitute for Bruce Willis’ character in the famous series of action films and partly “Terminator”-Frank Zagarino looks and sounds like an android from the aforementioned film,”Shadowchaser” isn’t that bad if unoriginal.

The cinematography is crisp and the mostly interior set-pieces work in a particularly effective way.Hence visually the film is a victory for Eyres & co. Zagarino is very effective in his part and Kove is also cool,even if I have a soft spot for his villainous roles.

But…the plot is quite unoriginal and tends to drag quite a bit.If the film was not so rough around the edges story wise,then it would certainly have more of an appeal…

Actions fans will have a nice time though…


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