American Force 3: High Sky Mission (1987)


American Force 3: High Sky Mission (1987)

Directed by(sort of):Phillip Ko 

cast:Mike Abbott,Arthur Garrett,Frank Juhasz and a plenty of nameless Filipino actors & extras from an older Filipino war movie.

Το ίδιο deja-vu υφίσταμαι για ακόμα μια φορά.Οι λέξεις Joseph Lai,Phillip Ko και IFD Films & arts ltd. θα ξεστομιστούν ξανά και θα προκαλέσουν σύγκρυο και εφιάλτες στους αλλοφύλους.Οιμωγές αντηχούν από τα έγκατα του Βίντεο και σε θρήνο ξεσπούν οι καθοδικές λυχνίες(λέμε τώρα) του δέκτη ,αφού η οπτικοακουστική σαπίλα που ξεχύνεται από την οθόνη παραλύει τις αισθήσεις,νεκρώνει τον αμφιβληστροειδή και χτυπά κατευθείαν στο Κ.Ν.Σ.

Η IFD δεν είναι κινηματογραφικό στούντιο…είναι πρέζα.Σε κάνει να σιχαίνεσαι τον εαυτό σου,αλλά εξακολουθείς να την παίρνεις…

Μην δοκιμάσετε…


The Japanese have occupied the Philippines early in the Second World War. General Nakamura is determined to see that the glory of the Imperial Japanese Army continues. A small, deadly group of commandos, the Amercian Force led by Colonel Cobra (Frank Juhasz) and Bazooka (Mike Abbott), have been sent behind enemy lines to knock out Nakamura´s headquarters and disrupt the Japanese plans. The Filipino people fight valiantly in resisting the Japanese, giving aid to Cobra and his men. There are, however, certain groups of the local people, led by Remas, who are not only collaborating with the Japanese, but even fighting their own countrymen for the Imperial cause. The American Force meets rebel guerillas, suicide attacks and booby trap as they track Remas to the Japanese headquarters. There, they mount an all-out surprise attack and wipe out all the enemy including Remas, leaving Nakamura to commit Hara Kiri.

It’s no need to actually watch this one…Your typical IFD films & Arts ltd. lesson in copy-paste cinema.A bloody mess SUPPOSEDLY set in WW2,but filled with M-16s,70ies era American military Helicopters,70ies era Tanks…you name it!

Well Joseph Lai had a real charisma in being a “shameless” exploitation producer,but this post will only ring some bells to the most hardcore trash fans.For IFD films collectors & researchers exclusively.

Abysmal movies like this one make me feel nostalgic about other Lai entries such as “American Force 2: The Untouchable Glory”.Poor me…I’m getting too old for IFD films’ mayhemic film-making.


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