The Stepfather(1987)


The Stepfather(1987)

directed by: Joseph Ruben

cast:Terry O’QuinnJill SchoelenShelley Hack

Τελικά κάποιες ταινίες όσο (βλακωδώς) και άν τις αποφεύγεις θα βρουν το δρόμο προς το βίντεό σου και τότε θα αναγκαστείς να απευθύνεις βλάσφημα,επαναλαμβανόμενα mantras προς το ξερό σου το κεφάλι,αλλά θα αισθανθείς τυχερός που αναγκάστηκες να ανασκευάσεις τις αβάσιμες απόψεις σου.Ήμουν ακατανόητα προκατειλημμένος με το “Stepfather” νομίζοντας οτι πρόκειται περί ξεθυμασμένης,μεταχρονολογημένης,εμπορικής σλασερομπούρδας…τόσα ήξερα,τόσα έλεγα…

Προφανώς και πρόκειται περί μιας κλασικής πλέον ταινίας,βασισμένης σε μια πολύ καλογραμμένη και πρωτότυπη ιδέα και επωφελούμενης τα μέγιστα από την ερμηνεία ράπισμα του Terry O’Quinn(στον ομώνυμο ρόλο).

Οι ρυθμοί του φίλμ θυμίζουν καλοκουρδισμένο ρολόι,η ένταση και το σασπένς υποβόσκουν μέχρι να κλιμακωθούν και για να μη μακρυγορούμε,όλοι οι μηχανισμοί που καθιστούν ένα θρίλερ τρόμου λειτουργικό,δηλώνουν βροντόφωνα παρόντες στο “The Stepfather”.


After a barrage of extremely inane films,it was about time to let my weary eyes feast on something really qualitative.Extremely well-directed,slowly building a dense atmosphere abundant with breathtaking suspense and featuring a masterpiece of subtle yet incredibly effective acting,courtesy of Terry O’Quinn,”The Stepfather” is a glorious win,a true classic.An archetypal slow-burning horror thriller.

A family-values man named Jerry Blake marries widows and divorcées with children in search of the perfect family. As soon as his new family members show signs of being human and not robots who will march unquestioningly to his tune, his dreams of domestic bliss begin to crumble, and he kills them. Then he alters his appearance, assumes a new identity, and skips to another town to begin the deadly ritual all over again. He marries Susan Maine, who sees him as the ideal surrogate father for her teenage daughter Stephanie, and he is soon up to his old tricks when she proves to be too much of a troublesome teen to handle.

Undoubtedly the entire film is centered around Terry O’Quinn’s character and his performance steals the show hands down.His transformation,from a very prudish family guy of sorts,a living incarnation of the American dream of the 50ies,to a loose cannonball,a psychotic killer,reminiscent of several serial killers straight out of the annals of the modern American history,is compelling to say the least.Other than that,the supporting cast does a great job.The direction is very effective(smooth camera moves and great set-pieces through and through),the photography is moody and the film score is very effective.

There is nothing to complain about this film.Fans of great late night horrors,step in and enjoy the ride.


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