Il bosco 1 (1988)



directed :Andreas Marfori

cast:Coralina Cataldi-TassoniDiego RibonLuciano Crovato 

Όταν η ταινία σου έχει αποδεδειγμένα κοστίσει κάποια χρήματα για να φτιαχτεί και εσύ την κάνεις να φαίνεται σαν μια σαχλαμάρα, παραπλήσια με βιντεοτεκέδες όπως τα:”Violent Shit”,”The Burning Moon”(μόνο σαν αισθητική ,το il Bosco δεν φτάνει επ’ουδενί τη λύσσα και τη μισανθρωπία της ταινίας του Ittenbach),τότε Κύριε Andreas Marfori δεν είσαι παρά ένας ατάλαντος που προσπαθεί να αντιγράψει το Evildead και το κάνει με τόσο επιφανειακό τρόπο που υποτιμάει τη νοημοσύνη μας.


Ψευτοστυλιζάρισμένες κινήσεις της κάμερας, τραγικό soundtrack, πανάθλιο Αγγλικό dubbing ,ερμηνείες στα όρια της απόλυτης εγκεφαλικής αναπηρίας, τραγικά ειδικά εφέ.

Αν ψάχνετε τον απόλυτο πάτο στο «βαρέλι» του Euro Horror,τότε μόλις τον βρήκατε. Το “Evil Clutch” είναι τόσο γελοίο, φανφαρόνικο και παράλογα φιλόδοξο, που αδυνατώ βρω αντίστοιχη ταινία στα χρονικά του Ευρωπαικού B-movie.Εκεί που χάνουν την ισχύ τους όλα τα στερητικά επίθετα, ξεκινάει το “Evil Clutch”.Αν θέλετε να δείτε πως είναι το χειρότερο Ιταλικό splatter όλων των εποχών, τότε κοπιάστε.


Superficial to its very core(oxymoron),utterly moronic,nonsensically stylish but totally missing the point,”Evil Clutch” is an insult to the craftmanship and achievements of Auteurs like:Bava,Argento,Fulci,Soavi,Deodato,Lenzi and would need an  arsenal of derrogatory adjectives to do it justice.

The story of a hideous monster who takes the form of a beautiful, seductive woman who in a torrent of special effects, beauty and monster transform into a climax of pure evil. For years this monster woman has cursed a small village, and to this day her deadly grasps holds the peaceful residents in fear. This ferocious, feminine fury possesses a shocking sensual appetite and she can only satisfy her lust when passion consumes her, by striking where a man is most vulnerable…. and the results are deadly!


Italian Horror is renowned for being no-holds-barred,artistically challenging and mostly inspired,regardless of the fact that a plethora of Spaghetti horrors was nothing else than rip-offs of other movies.Andreas Marfori,the writer and director of this abomination is the living proof that there is always more depth in the barrel than what we could actually ever imagine.His storyline and script in “Il Bosco” makes the works the infamous team:Claudio Fragasso,Rosella Drudi,Bruno Mattei seem like works of art.

He imitates the Sam Raimi patented camera moves,courtesy of “Evildead” without any artistic flair or talent and his overall directing job is flamboyant.To cut a long story into a short one,the term “Hack director” is not enough to characterize the work delivered by Marfori here.

The rest of the technical aspects showcase equally dreadful characteristics,making “Evil Clutch” really painful to watch.The performances by the cast are abysmal.The horrendous English dubbing doesn’t make things any better.The special effects are LAME and the film score is atrocious.

What’s really paradoxical in the case of “Il Bosco” is how ambitious this film looks like (had a quite high budget as far as I know)and how short it actually falls,making this spaghetti “Evildead” splatter/horror affair a shipwreck of a movie.If you think that flicks like:”Zombie 3”,”Delirio di Sangue” and other late Italian horror entries are execrable trashy affairs,then “Il Bosco” will turn your hair white…

You have been warned…



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