Night screams (1987)


Night screams (1987)

directed by:Allen Plone

cast;Joseph Paul Manno, Ron Thomas, Randy Lundsford

Disjointed and cheesy slasher plagued by a sluggish pace and overall buffoonery.”Night screams” leaves a lot to be desired and almost nothing seems to fall into place as the reels of the movie roll.I was let down to say the least,especially since the trailer was way superior than the actual movie.


Somewhere in Wichita, Kansas, David is a potential college football star who’s just won a four year scholarship to a (no doubt, nice posh) college somewhere in Oklahoma. His mates decide to throw him a serious farewell party whilst his folks are out that night. Unfortunately three uninvited guests secretly gatecrash these nightly celebrations, two are convicts who’ve fled from lockup, now hiding out somewhere in the home cellar, while our third interloper is a mental patient escapee, with a connection to the party guests and notably David himself. Before long homicidal rage resurfaces in one of these trio leading to a carnage filled rampage.

Don’t bite the bait my brethren,the film isn’t half as good as the summary indicates.Of course it’s a very low budget motion picture and I didn’t expect anything like a stylish slasher movie,but the pace in this one is so painfully slow that I almost fell asleep.Then it’s the plot.Gee this is a blueprint of nonexistent plot and tension.I tell you, nothing happens for about 50 minutes of film time.On top of it,the creators of the film inserted random scenes from another slasher film called “Graduation day” into their own movie,a fact that resulted in making the proceedings even more nonsensical.The bodycount doesn’t start until the 60 min. mark and  by that time the  viewer will have probably lost interest.Additionally,the murder scenes are executed quite poorly and clumsily probably due to budget restrictions.As far as the ending climax is concerned,it’s weak like the rest of the film.

Well,I’m literally possessed with video culture and I was raised in a steady diet of vhs glitch and bad movies pilgrimage.I’ve seen a lot,better and worse,movies like this one are my bread and butter,but this is sort of hard to stomach,as it is simply not bad enough to become a guilty pleasure and not good enough to make your jaws drop.After this traumatizing viewing my verdict is that “Night screams” is a  forgettable affair, bound to stay in the vhs limbo where it belongs.For collectors and completists only.

Slasher φόλα,της οποίας το  trailer είναι το μόνο που αξίζει να δεί κανείς,εκτός φυσικά αν είναι συλλέκτης του είδους και βλαμμένος σαν εμένα.

Ένας έφηβος παίκτης του Αμερικάνικου Φουτμπώλ κερδίζει υποτροφία για το πανεπιστήμιο της Οκλαχόμα.Διοργανώνεται λοιπόν πάρτυ προς τιμήν του.Παρτυ το οποίο πρόκειται να χαλάσει από τους σκελετούς που βρίσκονται κρυμμένοι στο παρελθόν του νεαρού David.Στο μεταξύ,δύο φυγάδες κατάδικοι από παρακείμενο σωφρονιστήριο βρίσκουν κατάλυμμα στο υπόγειο του σπιτιού όπου λαμβάνει χώρα το πάρτυ.

Άν έχετε αυπνίες κοπιάστε.Θα σας πάρει ο ύπνος σίγουρα.Τα πάντα σ’αυτό το φίλμ είναι κακά,ψυχρά και ανάποδα,επιπροσθέτως,το όποιο,ελάχιστο μακελειό λαμβάνει χώρα στο τελευταίο μισάωρο,αφήστε που οι σκηνές αυτές δεν λένε και πολλά λόγω  του χαμηλότατου προυπολογισμού της παραγωγής.Για αυτούς που θέλουν να έχουν άποψη για όλα τα slasher,το παρόν έχει κάποια αξία.Οι υπόλοιποι μακρυά και αλάργα…


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