Bloodmoon (1990)

directed by: Alec Mills

cast:Leon Lissek, Christine Amor, Ian Williams

Formulaic Aussie slasher.It is very stylish,almost slick.It has its very morbid moments for its own good ,but it also has a few storyline flaws that halt its overall potential.

The story:People are getting murdered down under via a barbed wire noose and then their eyes are gouged out. There are a variety of suspects at a nearby girls boarding school including students, teachers, and a nun.

Well,this is all I can really disclose,otherwise i’ll spoil the fun of it.On another note,despite the fact that the film starts in a very effectively ominous tone,the second reel features some nauseating romance scenes and some hilarious teen fights straight outta “Revenge of the nerds”.Campy as they are they almost ruin the atmosphere of the film.However the third reel gives a lot of slashers a run for their money as it is a magnificent textbook in stylish suspense and horror.Lots of twists are involved and Mills’  direction,manages to create tension.

In conclusion,’Bloodmoon” is slightly above average yet worthy of viewing.The last reel of the picture is too good to be ignored.The murder scenes are pretty nasty but they’re pretty scarce throughout the duration of the film.Other than that the overall plot and the way it is handled,leaves a lot to be desired.Anyway fans of the slasher genre won’t feel let down.



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