La polizia brancola nel buio(1975)


La polizia brancola nel buio(1975) aka “the police are blundering in the dark”,”the police are groping around in the dark”

directed by:Helia Colombo

cast:Joseph Arkim, Francisco Cortéz, Richard Fielding

A nonsensical yet entertaining piece of eurotrash cinema.This was the sole celluloid atrocity committed by the director Helia Colombo.

Pigeonholed as a giallo,but shot on a poverty row budget by a hack director,this is pretty much along the lines of similar trashy movies like Elo Pannaccio’s “Sex of the witch”, “La polizia brancola nel buio” tells the tale of a psychotic wheel chaired scientist Edmundo who has discovered and developed a device that photographs human thoughts and as if this wasn’t nonsensical enough,we also have to deal with a nymphomaniac housemaid and  an array of murdered young women.When his girlfriend also falls victim of the unknown murderer,a pretty unsympathetic journalist visits the premises and pursues his own investigation.On his arrival at the scientist’s house all hell breaks loose as he quickly forgets his deceased girlfriend and beds Edmundo’s niece Sarah,after that point the proceedings need to be seen to be believed.


This is a movie where nothing seems to make sense yet it’s extremely fun to watch.Colombo’s direction is coarse ,one could also claim that it’s nonexistent and the (non)acting by the obscure cast is plain hilarious,but the over the top presentation,the gratuitous nudity and the decent bloodshed make up for each and every of the inconsistencies.Too trashy to be taken seriously but with an uncanny appeal,like an even more demented “The night Evelyn came out from the grave”. “la polizia brancola nel buio” is an extremely rare(literally) find.Regardless if it’s deservedly obscure or not,fans of the inept,strange and tacky cinema will have a great time watching this one.But if you are a fan of the more academic and stylish giallo ,then avoid at all costs.




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